Design A Solar Heating System

Do you want to Design A Solar Heating System? Well, I’ll teach how to design a Solar Heating System and tell you all what you need to know.

Firstly, solar energy has become widely used in many countries of the world. The use of solar energy includes desalination and helps in the cultivation of some seasonal plants.

Moreover, heating is one of the most important benefits of solar energy because of its low cost. Not only is it cheap, but it is a renewable source of energy that enables us to abandon any other sources of pollution.

In this article, we will know the main idea for a simple solar heating system and its design.

How To Design A Solar Heating System?

So, there are two systems of heating energy. There’s one uses air while the other uses water. Basically, in the air heating system, the air is heated in the solar collectors and then pushed into space by a fan.

On the other hand, for solar heating systems that use water, they include heat exchangers through which heat is transferred from water in the solar pool to the air-paid into space.

Solar heating using a hot water cycle:Design A Solar Heating System-1

It is carried out by means of a heat exchange between a closed solar water heating cycle and air in the space to heat the air.

In this system, the solar collectors that heat the water passing through it are the main part of the system.

The modern systems with Evacuated Tubes are the most effective and widespread forms for both air heating and even solar water heaters.

Solar heating by air circulation:

Second, to heat the solar energy in an air circulation is one of the simplest methods of heating. Also, it is, without a doubt, less complex than the solar collectors of glass.

Basically, it receives the sunlight falling on it to heat the air inside by the heat sensor when they reach a certain temperature.

Fans are connected to the circulation of warm air from the compounds to the space to be warmed.


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