Clean Energy VS Renewable Energy

If anyone goes out into the street and conducts renewable energies, a very high percentage of those surveyed would respond that they are respectful of the environment and that they are the future in the medium-long term, and they would not lack reason. Therefore, a very low number of respondents would have disadvantaged the use of these technologies.

Even as a student of Renewable Energies I am in contact with certain insights of these “new” technologies that ordinary people do not know, take for granted or they just have not stopped to think. Due mainly to the marketing that influences us subliminally, by naming renewable energies we instantly associate with wind turbines, solar panels, and vegetation everywhere.

It is correct that these two technologies are the most developed and with more forecasts of the future, although with some small inconvenience in the world today. Wind turbines and photovoltaic panels must be made with energy (like everything else), and if the market starts to move to China, as has happened with solar energy and as it begins to happen with wind, it is known by all that its power stations coal cover most of their energy demand. Eaten it for what is served.

A big mistake that the general public makes when thinking about renewable energies is based on its definition. Renewable means that you use a source of energy that is inexhaustible.

However, in no case is it specified what may occur during the energy conversion. That is why renewable energies should not be confused with energies clean. The latter would be those that in the conversion process do not produce emissions harmful to the environment so that not all renewable energies should be considered as clean energies. In energies like the parabolic cylinder thermosolar something similar happens to the nuclear one.

Although saving the distances between one accident and another, there is no danger of contamination if safety does not fail. In nuclear the major problem is a radioactive waste and in the thermal oil used whose properties contaminant and flammable if leakage occurs. But the most representative case of

Renewable energy is not clean biomass technology. Boilers that use pellets in gas place ensure infinite availability of your resource but are only changing the type of pollutants that emit to the atmosphere, since with the pellets they produce emissions of NO2 and particles in suspension, that is to say, similar to the diesel vehicles that have so demonized.



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