Green Power is a phrase used to obtain renewable electricity directly from the power supplier and almost all the people can purchase this kind of energy certificates and it can be obtained by using the below programs and that’s what we call it “Buying Clean Electricity”:

Green Pricing

There is an optional service that some companies provide which is called green pricing, it’s that a customer pays a small amount of money in order to get a clean ,green energy sources This option covers the high utility bills in “Buying Clean Electricity” field when adding both renewable energy to its power grid.

Competitive Electricity Markets

In some places , you can Buying Clean Electricity and choose who generates your electricity not only how your electricity is provided.

In some states they restructured their generators in order to compete with the companies that produce clean and renewable energy and that allows competition among electricity providers , some default companies teamed up with those companies to offer more clean energy options.

The targeted customers who Buying Clean Electricity and use renewable and clean energy are people who are willing to pay slightly more to benefit their environment , this small extra cost they pay is for buying or generating electricity from clean and renewable resources.

Green Certificates

Getting a green or clean certificate allows you to inter the world of clean , green power even if you can’t buy clean electricity from a provider in your market .

Nowadays , green power generators are separating the power that they sell to power providers , this is called green certificates or Green Tags or renewable energy certificates or trad-able renewable certificates , these energies are now sold to companies and people who want to use clean energy and help the environment and to buy clean electricity.

This separation allows clean power generators to sell the power they produce to power providers to buy clean electricity in a very competitive market price , this additional revenue provided from the green certificates covers the market costs of producing power from renewable energy sources and it also helps improving the usage of renewable energy in the market and increase ratio in buying clean electricity , also a lot of organizations offer clean energy certificates that could be purchased from your local electricity service.


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