Antifreeze Heating Systems

Antifreeze Heating systems is a system that people use in many countries during the freezing winter. Because of the very low temperatures, which reach freezing degrees, heating systems are important.

Therefore, to ensure that the water that is responsible for heating is not frozen, we use antifreeze heating systems.

Antifreeze Heating Systems: Boilers

The anti-freeze heating boilers are one type of anti-freeze heating system whose idea is to add antifreeze to the boiler and hot water inside. Panels and heaters are also used to protect the entire heating system from damage due to very low temperatures.Heating Systems Antifreeze-1

The anti-freeze material, which is perfect for the boiler, is the non-toxic polypropylene glycol. Basically, the glycol is placed in the boiler and in all systems connected to the heating system. Glycol’s role is to avoid the risk of damage to the pipes resulting from the freezing of water inside the pipes. Moreover, this freezing temperature can result in pollution inside the pipes that carry water.

The Method Of Adding Antifreeze To The Heating System Against Freezing

The whole concept is about adding an antifreeze substance by using a transfer pump to mix the water which is in the boiler with antifreeze.  Then, we use the test scale, so that we can know the freezing degree in the boiler after adding the antifreeze.

Anti-Freeze Glycol Properties

Generally, anti-freeze glycol has many properties that make it a very good substance to prevent freezing. It has high boiling points and very low freezing points. These properties make antifreeze heating systems more efficient. Also, the best thing about glycol is that it protects the pipes from corrosion.

However, we must be careful while using glycol because it falls under the list of toxic chemicals. Moreover, you need to avoid its access to any food or drinking water. Although it has been classified as a safe substance by the FDA, this is not for human consumption.

So, you must hire a specialist in the field of heating system antifreeze to protect your system from freezing in winter.  Also, you need to protect your system from damage resulting from water freezing inside.


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