Advantages of Clean and Renewable Energy
Advantages of Clean and Renewable Energy

Advantages of Clean and Renewable Energy

Renewable energies are those that, taking advantage of the natural energy flows of the planet, constitute an inexhaustible source of energy flow, constantly renewing itself. Put simply, they are those that never run out and feed on natural forces. Renewable energies are an option and type of energy that are used just like conventional energies to make life easier but being less polluting and helping to not further aggravate the greenhouse effect and global warming. Below we will know some of the advantages of this type of energy and how these great tools can help to all worlds.

They are the essential partner against climate change: renewables do not emit greenhouse gases in energy generation processes, which reveal them as the clean and more viable solution to environmental degradation.

They are inexhaustible: unlike traditional sources of energy such as coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy, whose reserves are finite, clean energies have the same availability as the sun where they originate and adapt to the natural cycles (that’s why we call them renewable). They are therefore an essential element of a sustainable energy system that allows the present development without jeopardizing that of future generations.

They reduce energy dependence: the indigenous nature of clean sources implies a differential advantage for local economies and a spur to energy independence. The need to import fossil fuels is contingent on the economic and political situation of the supplier country, which may compromise the security of energy supply. In any part of the Planet, there is some kind of renewable resource – wind, sun, water, and organic matter – that can be used to produce energy sustainably.

Increasingly competitive: The main renewable technologies – such as wind and solar photovoltaic – are drastically reducing their costs, so that they are already fully competitive with conventional ones in a growing number of sites. Economies of scale and innovation are already getting renewable energy to become the most sustainable solution, not only environmentally but also economically, to move the world.

Favorable political horizon: the decisions agreed at COP21 have provided a torrent of light for the future of renewable energies. The international community has understood the obligation to strengthen the transition towards a low-carbon economy for the sustainable future of the planet. The climate of international consensus in favor of the decarbonization of the economy constitutes a very favorable framework for the promotion of clean energy technologies.


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