The time is coming to think more about using of solar energy as the new method of clean production of electricity but Solar Energy has pros and cons ; advantages and disadvantages. The strong points of solar energy or in other word the benefits of solar energy are bigger and more than weak points. Let’s talk about the most important points of them.

Advantages of Solar Energy

1. On the Environment

Solar energy or solar power and panels of installation could be very helpful not just for the people but on the environment ,too. Do you want to know how is that ? It produces energy more safely and without produces any harmful or dangerous substances or pollutants . In this way human being and industry use of sun energy doesn’t instigate or provoke any atmosphere changes and it taken into consideration as magnificent and terrific dangers to the planet or our environment. Heating by Solar Energy has no limited supply for that it can be used without stop.

2. Completely safe and quiet process

It’s not like other methods of energy or heating productions , The production of electricity by using of solar energy is completely quiet and safe ; it doesn’t make any noise. And even the solar Panels don’t have to be preserved or maintained by the humans and moving solar panels parts makes this method more easily and beneficial.
3. Free and Practicable Energy

The most important factor or point that makes us use the solar energy which is free energy and more practicable and it’s absolutely free and available for everyone.  But in another hand you should consider the initial cost of investments to get the panels and cells their costs might be more than expected. Produces free energy especially for homes and factories lets the owners save more and more of money and it done by the solar panels which is consider the perfect solution for that in many countries. Many experts said that using of the solar panels are more beneficial and cost effective.

4. Few Space of Use

You don’t need much space for Solar energy panels , you need low space to install them , for example the bottom roof of the houses or factories , so the placement of solar panels can be easily found with no any difficulties.

5.Easily Mobile

Solar panels can used anywhere on the planet in any location. Solar panels are more convenient for any one has a house or factory and need to access to the power or energy system. Solar Panels we can consider them more independent because where solar power is used to power the satellites.


Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1. Time of Use Limited in the day

Solar heating energy can be utilize from it during the hours of the day only, and only if the weather permits that this point makes using of solar energy dependent on the weather status. It will work in very difficult and badly during rainy , cloudy or foggy days.


2. Financial solar energy initial costs

Unfortunately, the initial costs of installation of solar energy panels and settings are high but the expenses will be covered after some years of their use. The initial costs of solar energy settings can be more expensive and doubled if you want to use more and more of several solar installations.


3. Solar energy has low efficiency

The performance of solar energy installations and panels will be less efficient and less productive in polluted areas and in areas where the weather is variable and in multiple climates areas. This weak point will be very important and considerable mainly when solar energy used in industries and in very important factories or settings.


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