You can decrease your electricity bills by utilizing renewable energy and even will reduce the taxes for using renewable resources, below are ways how to use renewable energy at home.

Rooftop Solar Panels

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Solar panels are the best and most well-known renewable energy or power resource that people use and you can even install it in your house roof, you can generate more than 10 watts per foot square, any house consumes a kilowatt of power so a square feet is enough to satisfy all your needs.

If your roof is deprecated you should consider using solar shingles in order to be able to put solar panels on top of your roof ,  Elon Musk’s SolarCity declared starting to produce solar shingles and other companies started making them for years now like SunTegra.

One of the biggest weaknesses of solar powers are that they work only when the sun is up and if we need to power your house when the sun is down , you will need to use another type of renewable energy.


Wind Turbines

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Wind turbines are found in farms, in case you have enough building in a place you can install a small wind turbine in order to power your house to get renewable energy.

The disadvantages of the wind turbines and what makes it not being used in a lot of areas is that they don’t look so nice and makes a lot of noise. They consume big spaces and some places may forbid using them.

In case these disadvantages doesn’t affect you , wind power is an advantage as they are more stable than solar powers , a reasonable sized wind turbine can provide mostly all your needs of electricity depending on your area.


Solar Oven

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If you are not ready to power your whole house with renewable energy as it’s a huge change, you can still power part of your house using solar oven.

You can build your solar oven out of very common materials but oven actually use a big amount of electricity , Using the sun to heat your food by trapping sunlight in order to heat your food.

The advantages of solar ovens are is that heating your food is for free and they work wither there is power or not, you will never have a cold meal due to power outage.

Hydro Power

This kind of power is not common and can’t be used with most of the people unless you have a source of flowing water. In this case you can use the river stream and convert it to a source of electricity to power your house.
There are a lot of ways to generate power through this manner to reach to our goal in  producing renewable energy, you will need to find the longest vertical water distance that a water can travel and change this water flow into electrical current . But in order to set up a Hydro power you would need a professional engineer to do so or if you know some engineering knowledge you can start one from the very beginning.
There are a lot of advantages to hydropower not like solar or wind energy in renewable energy production field and in general; Hydro power is stable so you will always get the same input whatever happened so that is so relaxing to a certain point .


Solar Water Heating

The power of the sun can be used to heat your house not only to generate electricity as renewable energy. solar water heaters uses the sun to heat the reserve of water in order to be pumped from shower heads , this is much more cheaper and easier than using electricity or gas to heat water so if you don’t want to use renewable energy to power your house you can only use Solar water heating instead.

There are advantages and disadvantages for solar water heaters, make sure to choose the type that works best with you.

Solar Air Conditioning

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What solar air conditioning does is that it uses heat from the hot water in the air conditioning system it’s the same as using the sun to heat your house because it’s energy considered main renewable energy source.

What solar air conditioning does is that it uses heat from the hot water in the air conditioning system it’s the same as using the sun to heat your house down.

As an add on, you can use the hot water that gets out of air conditioning in your house , you can use solar water heating too.

Tesla Powerwall

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The tesla powerwall (rechargeable battery) are not renewable energies but you can use it along with your renewable resource of power that you use at home to save more money.

Powerwalls are big rechargeable batteries that stores electricity by itself and it’s a good example as renewable energy source; because you can program it to charge itself when the power prices are low and disconnect itself when the prices are high in order to save money.

Tesla Powerwall is best used along with another source of renewable energy like wind or solar power as it can store electricity and you can alternately use it when the power is low or down.

One of the main disadvantage of renewable energy is that it’s not so stable but powerwalls can eliminate this disadvantage, and thanks to the new legislation which you can receive a tax credit if you happen to connect your powerwall to a grid.


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