Power Sources

Now, you’ll get to know the 5 different types of power sources. Energy is an extremely important element that permeates all sectors of people’s lives and becomes an integral part of daily life activities.

So, what is the meaning of “energy”?

Generally, it is defined as the ability to perform and perform a work and has the ability to make a particular or radical change in a particular area.

So examples of uses Energy exploitation of oil derivatives in the operation of factories and the movement of transport and other.

5 Types Of Power Sources:

1- Fossil Fuels:power sources-1

One of the main power sources is fossil fuels which include oil, natural gas, and coal. Also, it includes the nuclear energy used in the generation of electricity by using heat generated by nuclear fission in reactors.

What are “fossil fuels”?

Basically, the fossil fuels are organic compounds resulting from photosynthesis processes. The organic matter of plants and animals has not been fully decomposed but has been submerged under layers of sand, clay and calcareous soils.

This fuel, which contains latent chemical energy that originated from solar energy, Plants have been on photosynthesis for millions of years.

2- Thermal Conversion:

The second type of power sources is the thermal conversions. It depends on the principle of absorbing the dark objects of the radiation and turn it into heat which, in turn, raises the heat of the dark body.

This absorbed heat is used in a variety of household and industrial uses, for example, water heating and condensation. Water heating for domestic use is one of the most widespread thermal conversion applications.

3- Photovoltaic Conversion:power sources-2

So, it is based on the principle of converting solar radiation directly into an electric current by using the phenomenon of the photovoltaic effect.

This phenomenon is the basic image of the so-called solar cells. They are used in many practical applications such as watches and calculators.

Moreover, it is used in telephones and radios and television stations. Now, they are currently used in the lighting of some villages and roads.

4- Wind Power: 

Fourth is the wind that is converted into electrical energy by giant turbines. Wind power is the fastest growing power in the world.

Surprisingly, Germany is the world’s leader in the field of wind energy. The global production of wind power is around 40,000 megawatts, 75%.

5 – Hydropower Energy Or Water Energy:power sources-3

Finally, the hydropower energy that uses running water and water outlets for the production of energy. It is one of the cleanest renewable energies and the most efficient to produce electricity.

It has played an important role in the development of human societies throughout the world. Currently, about 19% of world electricity production comes from the exploitation of water.


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