Clean Energy Sources

Energy sources are divided into natural and non-natural sources. Also, it can be divided into Clean Energy Sources or renewable ones depending on natural resources such as the sun, water, and wind.

The most important characteristic of this energy is its reliance on permanent and non-enforceable resources. Moreover, it should be an environmentally friendly energy source, which does not produce harmful gases to the environment such as carbon dioxide.

Importantly, the energy source shouldn’t play a role in changing the temperature, unlike conventional fuels, coal and natural gas.

5 Clean Energy Sources:

Well, the clean energy sources are all-natural sources of energy as follows: –

1- The Sun:Clean Energy Sources-1

The radiation from the sun and the heat and light it carries are sources of solar energy. They are exploited by humans in their interests and harnessed by technological means and techniques.

So, the sun can be used to generate thermal and electric power. Amazingly, electric power can be generated through solar energy using thermal motors, photovoltaic panels, and photovoltaic transformers.

2- The Wind:

Second, people rely on wind turbines to extract energy from the wind, generate electricity from it, and use wind energy to produce mechanical energy in so-called windmills.

About 2% of the sunlight falling on the surface of the earth turns into wind energy. This is a huge amount of energy, which exceeds the world’s need for consumption in any year.

3- Geothermal Electricity:Clean Energy Sources-2

Third, geothermal power and stations are relatively low. The temperature of water extracted from the ground is the main determinant of the efficiency of geothermal power plants during power generation.

As a result of the low water temperature is being lifted, geothermal power stations have been characterized by low efficiency.

4-Sustainable Biofuels:

Fourth, biofuel is a strong competitor to oil in the light of its high prices, which effectively contributes to the reduction and moderation of oil prices.

So, it plays a role in providing health supplies from alternative sources of energy, and one of the most sustainable biofuel plants, cane sugar, and algae.

5- Tidal Energy:Clean Energy Sources-3

Finally, this kind of renewable energy depends on the tidal phenomena, which occur under the influence of gravity between the moon and the sun, and the Earth cycle around the axis.

These phenomena are exploited depending on the currents stored in water during the period of the occurrence of tidal phenomena.

Many countries, to generate electricity, build dams or turbines. The purpose is to dispense a few thermal power plants, to reduce the pollution caused by coal or oil use.


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