Sustainable Energy

Today we’re going to going talk about sustainable energy types. We all know Einstein’s famous energy conservation law, which states:

“Energy is not destroyed and is not created, but it is transformed from one image to another.”

This is precisely the role played by renewable energy sources where the energy generated by these sources is converted nature.

There many natural sources such as water, wind, sunlight, geothermal, ocean, and biomass. We can consider biomass as another type of energy that can be used directly as electricity, heat, or fuel for transportation.

What’s the meaning of “sustainable energy”?

Basically, sustainable energy (or renewable energy) is a type of clean or alternative energy or low carbon dioxide. However, not all of these species are renewable.

We consider the nuclear energy may be considered as a clean or alternative type of energy compared to fossil fuel power stations where pollution is lower with energy use Nuclear energy.

But, that energy is not renewable because of the limited sources of radiation available across time periods in human life, just like fossil fuels.

Types Of Sustainable Energy:

1- Water: Hydropower:Sustainable Energy-3

Ultimately, we have been using water for a long time. Some evidence shows that the Greeks used it for the first time in 300 years in wheel management.

Since then, we have benefited from hydropower to generate energy through the use of water wheels (water turbines) for the management of some mechanical processes.

Examples of these processes are the use of mills in the process of milling, flipping, plating and other production processes such as the textile industry and mining for more than 2000 years in countries such as China and the European countries and then the United States of America.

2- Wind:Sustainable Energy-1

Also, man is dependent on wind for thousands of years to operate ships and groundwater pumps in addition to operating some machines. Now, we use modern wind turbines to convert wind energy into electric power in the same way as to generate electricity in hydroelectric power plants.

Winds rotate the turbines of a turbine around the rotor. Moreover, the rotor which is connected to one of the main turbine poles. So, this column acts as a magnet to rotate an electrostatic conductor called the material.

3- Solar energy:Sustainable Energy-2

Solar energy provides us with the energy of the sun and is the most abundant source of energy available. Solar heating technology is one of the most efficient ways to meet our energy needs.

These are the most efficient technologies. In some countries, laws require the installation of solar heaters on the roofs of buildings.


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