Sustainable Energy solutions

Today, we’re going to talk about sustainable energy solutions. The recent nuclear crisis in Japan could prompt many countries around the world to push for more innovation. So, we all are looking for renewable energy as an ideal alternative to nuclear energy.

It’s best to come up with sustainable energy solutions. Even if the new solutions do not provide the same amount of energy provided by nuclear power. However, we can still enjoy higher safety, not to adversely affect the environment.

We can characterize some of the innovations of renewable energy by similarity and tradition between each other. But, there are other innovations really distinctive attract the minds and attention. This can be achieved through its uniqueness at the level of the idea and the implementation of the second.

3 Best Sustainable Energy Solutions

1- Double Exploitation Of Light And Heat

First of all, a team of Wake Forest scientists introduced a new type of device. Ultimately, this new device can simultaneously utilize two energies. They designed a device that can take advantage of solar energy and thermal energy at the same time.

So, we use infrared to generate thermal energy, and a combination of heat and light can provide humanity with a great benefit.

We greatly benefit by saving about 40% of the cost of the heating and heating processes and will reduce the value of energy bills, where the device can generate electricity also.

2- Power Generation Of Rail TrafficSustainable Energy soultions-1

Second, we can use the wind as one of the sustainable energy solutions through a device launched by the T-box. Basically, the T-Box principle is placing this device on the manifolds scattered along the rail.

Then, once the train passes over the device is exploited the wind left by the movement of trains to move the generator or engine inside the device. Consequently, this contributes to generating electricity with each meter step Train.

The advantage in this Appalled is that it does not depend on a natural supplier of energy. However, it depends on the energy created.The energy is as a result of a direct activity was considered in the past wasted energy.

3- Exploitation Of Wasted Thermal Energy:Sustainable Energy solutions-2

Finally, thermal energy is arguably one of the most wasted energies in our world today. Especially with the increasing manufacturing process, scientists at the University of Arizona prompted thermal energy to devise ways to reuse the waste heat.

So, they have developed a set of perceptions and visions that suggest that heat can be converted directly into electricity through a specific device. Scientists have been designed the device according to several theories so that it does not contain movable moving parts.


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